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Shipping an English bulldog puppy

Shipping an English bulldog

Shipping  English bulldog puppy requires a lot of care and steps to follow to make sure nothing happens to the puppy’s physical and mental health.  Puppies can be shipped very safely to any part of the world, without any problems as long as these steps are taken. Both Delta and United Express have a  safe program to ensure the puppies receive the best care during their journey from qualified flight attendants. First, A flight health certificate is required to ship an English bulldog puppy by air. But before this,  puppy is taken to the vet 3 days before departure. The veterinarian confirms that the puppy is safe for travel and up to date on all immunizations shots. An interstate health certificate is issued during  the visit that will be presented to the airline. A shipping crate is required. We purchase our shipping crates from Walmart. We use the 21 x 19 x 23 200 series hard plastic crates. We purchase paper beddings from the small animal department at Walmart to provide an absorbent bedding for our English bulldognpuppies in transport. Two containers of water are attached to the metal gate of the shipping crates. We place ice cubes in the water container as it melts the pup will have fresh water throughout the Flight. None of our puppies are ever sedated as this is against the airline rules. A reservation is made1 to 2 days prior to the pups release day with the courier. The buyer’s name, address, and phone number is on all the  paperwork traveling with the pup. We always take Insurance based on the pup’s sale price just in case there’s  an unforeseen circumstance that could lead to health problem or worse.

 The English Bulldog Puppy’s  new owner is contacted after He or She arrives and the buyer takes possession of the pup .   Identification is required to take possession of the puppy and the new owner must sign for the puppy. We have used this method to ship pups for the last 9 years. We have never had any problems. R & R Express has been very accommodating and have always delivered our puppies  safely to the new owner with no problems.